Lacto-Fermented Wild Garlic… and a super green pesto recipe.

Wild garlic season has started here in the south of England and its wonderful.

Allium Ursinum or ransoms/wood garlic/wild garlic, is a beautiful broad leafed plant that envelopes the woodland floor with luscious patches of green and leaves the air smelling of fresh but subtle garlic.

We love it!

Wild garlic is edible and often seen used in soups, salads and stir-fry’s.

However, it doesn’t keep for long after being picked and the season is short also.

We decided to preserve ours through lacto-fermentation, an old preservation technique using wild fermentation (uses naturally occurring yeasts and bacteria). This is the same process as sauerkraut and adds a delicious tang to the Wild Garlic as well as extending its shelf life!

To Lacto-Ferment Wild Garlic:

  • Foraged and rinsed wild garlic leaves
  • Good quality salt (sea salt, Himalayan salt etc)
  • Clean jar


  • First, gently rinse your wild garlic and make sure to check it for debris and insects or baby snails
    • Chop your garlic roughly and place in a large bowl once in the bowl you want to cover with up to 2tbsp on salt depending on how much wild garlic you have.
    • Massage the garlic and salt together gently and leave for 15 minutes. You will notice the garlic start to wilt and release some of its liquid.

    • After the garlic has wilted, pop it into a clean jar and press down to submerge it in its own liquid. Top up with some salted water if needs be.

    • Pop the lid on your jar and leave it for 1-2 weeks taste regularly, it should have a tangy hint to it when it is done. You may notice bubbles forming on the surface of the liquid – don’t worry this means it’s fermenting well!
  • (If some of the garlic starts to lift up above the liquid just make sure to press it down below every now and then.)
    • Store in a cool cupboard or in the fridge and use within 6 months

    Fermented Wild Garlic Super Greens Pesto

    I know.. not another wild garlic pesto recipe. But we hope you find this one a bit different and interesting.

    We use our lacto-fermented wild garlic leaves to preserve and add some extra oomph to this pesto recipe. It’s tangy, savoury, garlic-y and full of lots of chlorophyll, iron, vitamins as well as a healthy load of good for the gut bacteria. It’s delicious on toast, in pasta recipes, or any recipe you might want to use it.

    You will need:

    • Handful of spinach
    • Handful of kale (de-stem the leaves)
    • Juice of 1 lemon
    • 2 tablespoons of nutritional yeast
    • 3 tablespoons of lacto-fermented wild garlic
    • Glug of good quality olive oil
    • 1tbsp sunflower seeds


    Put all the ingredients into a blender and pulse a few times to get everything moving. Then wizz up the pesto to a texture you like.

    …Hey p(r)esto!

    Your pesto is complete.

    The Plant Path Folk x

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