The Preppers Plant-Based Medicine Kit Project

We’ve all had that conversation haven’t we? Mostly in jest…

“what’s our plan when the apocalypse happens?”

Now, our family aren’t preppers by any means, but we do have a good set of outdoor survival skills, knowledge on foraging, what plants are poisonous and what are edible.

We have always said that our first step in the plan would be to get away from big, densely populated areas as quickly as possible. Unfortunately, this also means getting away from the convenience of shelter, resources and probably most importantly medicines and health care.

With this is mind, and our knowledge of plants and their medicinal uses, we thought we would challenge ourselves…

We want to try to make a plant-based medicine kit fit for someone in an end-of-the-world situation. To make this a little harder for ourselves we want to do this using only native or naturalised plants found in the UK as these are all we would have if we were to find ourselves in a sticky situation without professional medical care.

We have always recognised the importance of plants far beyond just their edible uses. Before WWI, the vast majority of medicines were plants.

Even today many modern medicines are still using plants but under pharmaceutical names.

For example; the powerful painkiller morphine is derived from poppies, similarly aspirin from willow bark and penicillin from a form of fungal mould.

We want to help people to realise the importance of understanding, processing and using plants as medicines. We want people to be empowered by learning to do this for themselves!

Although we have named this project The Preppers Plant-Based Medicine Kit, these medicines would be great for anyone with an interest in plant-based healthcare. They would be a brilliant addition to anyone going on a wild camping adventure, hiking trip, in the car, or just to keep at home as a herbal first-aid kit.

We have come up with a list of medicines that we feel we would be a comprehensive medicine kit:

  • Anti-inflammatory treatment (both internal & external)
  • Antihistamine/allergy relief
  • Painkiller (internal & external)
  • Anti-fungal treatment
  • Digestive aid (diarrhoea/upset stomach/nausea)
  • Immune booster
  • Anti-parasite treatment
  • Mouthwash
  • Sleep aid/sedative
  • Burn treatment
  • Bruise treatment
  • Antibiotic/anti-bacterial
  • Blood flow regulator (increase/restrict blood flow)
  • Joint-aid
  • Cough medicine
  • Laxative
  • Decongestant
  • Bite/sting treatment
  • Stimulant

Over the next few months we will share with you our plant-based experiments and creations of these remedies and plant medicines and will keep you updated on this project. We hope you will enjoy following us on this fun challenge, we are really excited to get started!

The Plant Path Folk


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